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The benefits of sanding wood

The benefits of sanding wood

Wooden flooring is the most durable and popular material that is available to buy. However, many questions arise about the benefits of sanding your wood flooring. In this article, we are going to break down the benefits of sanding and why you should consider doing so.

Removal of stains

One of the main reasons for sanding wooden planks is the removal of stains. As the planks can be used for both domestic and commercial uses, it is very likely that during their lifetime some stains will occur. Of course, we would recommend trying cleaning products first. However, sometimes tough stains need to be removed with something much stronger.

This is where sanding will be able to remove the stain completely where certain stain removers will not. Simply going over the flat surface lightly with a sander will remove the stain and still keep its finish. This can be done directly onto the floor or can be used with a belt sander for the finer stains.

Increases durability

Another reason to sand wood is to improve the overall durability. As your wood planks age, they naturally become less durable. This is because the plank will be used more and therefore increasing its overall wear and tear.

Sometimes this wear and tear can cause the wood to lose its look as well as its safety. If a heavy amount of damage is inflicted, the plank can chip making it unsafe to use.

However, sanding can prevent this from happening at all. Having a regular sanding process will prevent any issues from happening and will actually make your plank much more durable.

Improves comfortability

As mentioned in our previous points, wooden planking has found its way into the domestic market and can be found across many homes. As stylish as they may be, wooden planks can be used for kitchen flooring, hallway flooring and many DIY projects. This means that they need to have an element of comfort to them (especially with flooring).

Having comfortable flooring can be difficult to achieve without sanding. As stated in the previous point, wear and tear can cause the planks to become less comfortable over time. However, sanding the wood surface will make the surface smoother and much more comfortable to stand or touch. If this is sustained regularly over the wood’s lifetime then it will greatly decrease the likelihood of any discomfort.

Easier maintenance

Finally, one of the main reasons why you should sand your wood planks is to make them easier to maintain. The easier maintenance encompasses all of the previous benefits that we have stated above. Due to the surface being smoother and flatter, it makes it much easier to clean. This is because cleaning equipment such as vacuums, dustpans and wipes are much easier to use on flat surfaces.

To conclude, sanding wood not only improves the overall look and health of the plank but also makes it much easier to maintain. If you want to find out more or would like to speak to a professional, make sure to contact a member of the team here at ProBoard.

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