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Green Forest


We have an extensive range of White Oak panels, in both American White, and European Oak.

The Oak boards are ideal for use in the manufacture of all kinds of furniture, shelving, bookcases, and tables.


Kitchen manufacturers use the boards for the construction of the Kitchen cabinets, shelves, and worktops.


Joiners and Shopfitters can use the panels for various internal joinery applications, including Window boards, Door Liners, panelling, etc.


Grade – AB grade Boards, Lamellas are 45-90mm wide, edge-glued, and KD 8%, sanded to 120 grit finish, and are shrink-wrapped. The A face is carefully selected, to ensure the pattern is colour matched and looks as natural as possible. The A face is in principle knot-free, with no sapwood, and no defects. The B faces are of slightly lower quality.


White Oak panels are a light brown colour, in principle free from knots, although some very small pin knots, and an occasional live knot may be present. Sone sapwood, which is a light brown, or white colour may occur on the B faces.

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