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Green Forest


Our Range of European Oak Tabletops are manufactured in Europe, at a small family-owned factory, where the process used ensures that the raw material is as stable as possible before the factory started to make the tabletops.


The raw material is rested prior to Kiln drying, and again after the drying period, to ensure the risk of splits and shakes is eliminated.


The lamellas are hand-selected by graders, based on colour match and grain match, to ensure a beautiful natural appearance.


The mixed lamellas width also helps to produce a natural finish.  


Our range of Table Tops are also used by builders and joiners for Stair Treads, Window boards, Island Units, and full stave solid Oak Worktops.


Grade – High Furniture Grade, Lamellas 40-90mm wide mixed, good even colour, clean, no sapwood, no knots, no defects. KD 8%, Sanded 120 Grit, Shrink-wrapped

Oak Table Tops 30mm
Oak Table Tops 40mm
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