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How to treat wood

Whether you have wood installed or are just simply storing it, knowing how to treat it is key to having healthy and long-lasting wood. In this article, we are going to go over some of the best ways to treat your wood.

Oil treatment

One of the easiest ways you can treat your wood is by using oil. The oil doesn't create a closed surface upon application allowing the wood to breathe and maintain its structure. Not only this, but an oil treatment helps give the surface a much smoother feel.

If you would like to use oil for your project, you can follow the steps below to help you apply it:

1. Make sure that the wood is clean with no dust or dirt on the surface at all.

2. Apply a good amount of oil to the surface using a brush

3. Use a clean cloth or rag to then remove any excess oil that has not been absorbed by the wood.

4. At this point you can remove brushes or rags that have become too saturated by the oils.

5. Get another clean cloth and go over the wood polishing the oil so that it doesn’t feel oily to touch.

6. After polishing, let it dry overnight at temperatures over 20°(ideally).

7. Once dried, shine the wood using steel wool until the surface begins to appear shiny.

8. Clean the surface of any dust and repeat the whole process 3-4 times.

Glaze treatment

A glaze treatment is one of the most popular forms of wood treatment. Not only is it available in many colours to match the wood, but it also gently absorbs into the wood helping it keep its structure. To apply a glaze treatment, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure the glaze has even colouring. Stir the glaze until you get a consistent colouring all the way through.

2. Begin to apply the glaze in little amounts using a brush.

3. Brush the glaze in the direction of the grain to reduce the chance of missing any areas.

4. After applying the glaze across the whole wood, allow it to dry.

5. At this point, the wood fibres may appear to come up again, these can be sanded down gently to achieve the perfect finish.

Wax treatment

Treating wood with wax is as easy as treating it with oil. It provides good protection against moisture and can help reduce the chance of cracking. If you want to know how to apply wax to your wood, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure to sand and then clean the wood before applying the wax.

2. If you are using liquid wax, apply it quickly with a flat brush. Alternatively, if you are using a creamy wax, gently work this into the wood with a cloth.

3. Once you have applied the wax, let it dry for at least 60 minutes. Afterwards, sand the wood and give it one last polish.

Varnish treatment

For a harder wearing treatment, the varnish is probably a treatment to use. The treatment can last up to 4 years making it one of the longer-lasting treatments. If you want to know how to apply it yourself, follow the steps below:

1. Inspect the wood for any dirt or grease. Then clean the wood well using a cloth or soft brush.

2. When applying varnish, an unpleasant odour can be released. This is why we recommend that at this point you prepare to apply the varnish outside or in a garage (to stop smells from entering your house).

3. Take your varnish and mix it half and half with turpentine (mineral spirits).

4. Using a new soft brush, begin applying the mix to the wood. Make sure to brush the first coat against the grain.

5. Once the first coat has been fully applied, brush the second coat along the grain.

6. Now wait for 1-2 days to let your wood dry. This time will depend on the type of varnish that you have used.

These are just some of the different ways that you can apply treatment to your wood. If you are looking to buy some wood or would like to speak to a professional, speak to a member of our team here at ProBoard.

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