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Guide to PEFC Certification: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Ethical consumption is more relevant than ever because of the global rise in environmental concerns. Thus, a PEFC Certification is a must for conscious businesses. If you haven't heard of PEFC or PEFC Certification, you have come to the right place.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification or PEFC is an international non-profit organisation. It encourages sustainable forest management considering environmental, social, and economic standards. Founded in 1999, PEFC is the largest forest certification system worldwide and the most popular certification system among small forest owners.

How Does PEFC Work?

The organisation offers independent assessment, endorsement, and recognition to national forest certification systems. PEFC focuses on protecting the world's forests while strengthening the timber market. So far, more than 50 countries have PEFC-recognised certification systems, including the UK.

Since 2000, PEFC UK Ltd has been a member of PEFC International. It verifies sustainable forest management in the UK.

What are the Benefits of PEFC Certification?

Getting PEFC-certified allows brands, enterprises, and small businesses to prove that their forest materials have been sourced legally and sustainably.


According to a PEFC/ GfK Global Consumer Survey, 54% of consumers believe labels are the key element that reassures them that environmental considerations have been taken into account. So, the PEFC certification logo and label represent a guarantee for customers and help your company build trust.

The protection of the forest is a popular concern, so interest in Chain of Custody certification has increased. According to PEFC, the chain of custody is the process of handling information on the origin of forest-based products”.

The PEFC Chain of Custody certification helps companies prove that the certified wood in their products comes from a well-managed forest. Obtaining this certification also allows businesses to:

  • Comply with legislation

  • Become leaders on sustainability

  • Send a clear and transparent message to customers

  • Access new markets

PEFC Chain of Custody Certification Types

There are 4 certification types. You can choose the one that best suits your business:

  1. If your company operates one facility, you can opt for Single-Site Certification

  2. Choose the Multi-Site Certification if your company operates several facilities.

  3. Group Certification is perfect for modest, independent businesses that decide to form a group for the certification to reduce costs

  4. Project Certification is the best choice for short-term projects that often involve different contractors who are uncertified.

What Are the Requirements for PEFC Certification?

All bioproducts, paper products and wood products can have this certification if businesses meet the requirements. Some of these key requirements are:

  • Briefing and training of the personnel in charge of the tasks related to the implementation of the chain of custody.

  • Verifying that sourced materials are certified by running the necessary checks.

  • Making sure the production of goods meets the requirements of the Chain of Custody certification. Remember your business will have to show evidence of this.

Once ready, contact a UK-accredited certification body to make a formal application for PEFC Chain of Custody certification. Costs may vary.

In summary

PEFC certifications guarantee that the timber employed for the production of certified products has been sourced legally without contributing to deforestation.

At ProBoard, we care about sustainability and transparency with our clients. So, all of our products are PEFC-certified to guarantee manufacturers, joiners, and builders' peace of mind. Contact our team today to find out more!

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