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What is the best kind of wood for a door?

Interior and exterior doors add beauty to any home and wood is an excellent material for this purpose. Wooden doors are aesthetically pleasing and robust, provide adequate insulation, and are sustainable. In addition to their natural beauty, they can even have a certain degree of fire resistance, provided they have been properly coated and treated.

But what is the best type of wood for a door? Is there a difference between interior doors and exterior doors? And should you take these differences into account when choosing wood?

These and other questions will be answered in this article.

Characteristics of interior doors

Interior doors are used as entrances and exits between rooms within a property. Interior doors are designed for frequent, easy use and are usually less subject to wear and tear. As a result, they are often lighter and thinner than exterior doors and don’t need to be as resistant and durable. But quality interior doors should provide sound and heat insulation.

Choosing the right wood for interior doors

After learning about the characteristics of interior doors, you can choose from a wide range of options. To facilitate this process, here are some of our recommendations:


Pine is a softwood that is lightweight and resistant to shrinking and swelling. Small children, the elderly, and people with limited physical abilities can easily operate doors made of this wood. When treated, pine can also be effective at blocking sound.

Our Radiata Pine has a straight grain and a light colour. As a result, this wood is very suitable for staining or painting. You can achieve a smooth finish, as this type of wood sands well.

European Sycamore

Prized by European woodworkers for centuries, European Sycamore is ideal for painting because of its neutral colour and knot-free appearance. European Sycamore is pale grey and has a uniform grain. This wood is easy to work with, suitable for interior applications and will allow you to create stylish interior doors.


European Ash allows a smooth, even finish to be easily achieved, making it a beautiful addition to any interior. It is hard-wearing and stains well. Ash has a wonderful appearance and a long grain which makes this wood very flexible. When used in interiors, Ash doors are extremely durable with minimal maintenance. However, with the proper treatment, Ash can also be used for exterior applications.

Characteristics of exterior doors

Exterior doors are the main entrance and exit to your home or property. Therefore, they need additional security features and are designed and treated to be weather-resistant and to withstand high levels of moisture. External doors should provide insulation and function as a thermal barrier for your building.

These doors are essential for making a positive first impression of your property, as they are one of the first things that visitors, clients or business partners may see. For this reason, exterior doors are often fitted with decorative panels.

Best woods for exterior doors

Some of the most popular woods for exterior doors are cherry, cedar and maple. But with the options we recommend, you can make exquisite exterior doors without breaking the bank:


Oak makes excellent exterior doors and is a practical choice. This timber is highly resistant to moisture penetration and wood rot and is a natural insulator. In addition to their thermal efficiency, oak doors will increase the kerb appeal of your building. Oak is ideal for designing both traditional and modern exterior doors that will make a favourable impression on guests.

American Black Walnut

If you want stunning doors, American Black Walnut is the way to go. This elegant timber is dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. American Black Walnut is strong and has good dimensional stability. And its visual appeal and durability make it a favourite of designers and architects.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best wood for your project. Exterior doors require durable, weatherproof and thermally- insulating wood types. Therefore, woods that are only suitable for interior applications are often not effective for exterior doors. Conversely, Oak and American Black Walnut can be used to create premium-quality interior doors.

With a wider range of products available, the Proboard team focuses on providing you with a versatile service. We strive for maintaining the continuity of supply and quality. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a quote today.

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